Genbridge has brought together some of Australia’s leading Health, Retirement and Aged Care professionals with a long history of successful advisory and management services. The founders have participated in the development of these industries in a variety of ways. They have witnessed the impact of health research, understand the changes of economic and political cycles and more importantly worked with the operational and financial frameworks that underpin the operations of these industries. Genbridge recognised the need to have experienced management capability available to ensure the effective delivery of Health, Retirement and Aged Care Services. It is a multidisciplinary organisation with people who have managed hospitals, managed significant asset portfolios of aged care and retirement housing, placed values on these portfolios and advised extensively in this sector. This experience extends to technology facilitation and internal audit.

 A New World of Business 

A new world of business is emerging where generational changes will impact on the way we provide services and the products we offer. The new world will focus on prevention rather than treatment on better information and productive lifestyles. Research, education and effective management will underpin the delivery of this new model.

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